David Ruyle Jr., Esq.

Criminal Defense Attorney

David J. Ruyle, Jr. has been a California attorney since 2004. He is a proud graduate of the faith based Baylor University for his undergrad and graduate work at Trinity Law School.

He focuses his practice on criminal defense, which includes felonies, misdemeanors, in particular DUIs throughout Southern California.



It is crucial to contact David as Your DUI criminal defense lawyer if you are arrested for DUI. DUI convictions have many short-term and long-term effects!

David Ruyle has tried many DUI cases. He is highly qualified to negotiate a settlement and just as able to take it to trial. Driving under the influence is a serious charge that can have lasting consequences on your life. Thankfully, David has experience with defending DUI charges. An inexperienced DUI defense attorney can make your case even worse. It is important to ensure that your DUI defense lawyer knows and can execute the best defense options for your unique case.

A successful DUI defense attorney will do everything in their power to get reduced, or even drop your charges.



A crime involves an act that results in not just a fine but going to jail or prison. If you have had any contact with law enforcement that is the result of your actions or another you need to STOP and call an attorney right away.

Just because a citation or an arrest hasn’t been made doesn’t mean that your have rights you need to protect.

Risking your freedom is something you should not take lightly. We can advise you from mere inquires or investigations before a case is filed all the way to a trial. Most cases result without a trial but addressing a situation sooner than later is most advantageous.



We can help you file a restraining order as a Petitioner or defend you as Respondent. It is important to know what you are facing. Even though you can’t go to jail for being subjectto a restraining order your liberties as the right can be greatly restricted.

If you are seeking a Restraining Order, there are several types of Restraining Orders that you may apply for the court to grant. If you are seeking a Restraining Order you will be known as the Petitioner, sometime referred to as Plaintiff.

If you have been served with the Restraining Order and you are the Restrained Party you are referred to as the Respondent. The underlying element for all of the Restraining Order is there was some force, threat of force or ongoing harassing conduct. The court is seeking to not punish the Respondent but protect the Petitioner from future actions.


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