The Ruyle of Law!

Hi, I am David Ruyle!

I have been a California attorney since 2004 and a proud graduate of the faith based Baylor University for my undergrad and graduate work at Trinity Law School. 

I focus my practice on criminal defense, which includes felonies, misdemeanors, in particular DUIs throughout Southern California. My clients find me professional, approachable and accessible because I able to provide a realistic outlook for each client after a thorough evaluation of the evidence in each case mixed with my years of experience working in various courthouses and prosecutors.  

I am also a former Police Officer. 

After becoming an attorney I became a Police Officer as a desire to fill my interest in public service but also to help me understand the policing system.  I take the responsibility of each case from start to finish.  My rapport with my clients have allowed them to more freely communicate to help me understand what else is going in each client’s lives besides their arrest.

I am often asked, “Can I ask you a stupid question?” and my response is simply “There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.”