San Diego Restraining Orders

Close Up Photography of Person in Handcuffs

Have you been served with a restraining order in San Diego?

We can help you file a restraining order as a Petitioner or defend you as Respondent. It is important to know what you are facing. Even though you can’t go to jail for being subjectto a restraining order your liberties as the right can be greatly restricted.
If you are seeking a Restraining Order, there are several types of Restraining Orders that you may apply for the court to grant. If you are seeking a Restraining Order you will be known as the Petitioner, sometime referred to as Plaintiff.

If you have been served with the Restraining Order and you are the Restrained Party you are referred to as the Respondent. The underlying element for all of the Restraining Order is there was some force, threat of force or ongoing harassing conduct. The court is seeking to not punish the Respondent but protect the Petitioner from future actions.

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